About me

I’m a PhD student at the Informatics, University of Edinburgh. My research involves using digital data to track the affective, cognitive, and behavioral changes of users, identifying the associations between digital signals and symptoms of mental disorders. I am interested in early symptom detection as a human-centered approach to assist interventions and early prevention of mental disorders or harmful behaviors.

Along the way, I deeply care about ethical concern, model bias and fairness. I am passionate to develop good research practice in using a data-driven approach to analyse mental health issues. I am writing up my PhD thesis at the moment and open for post-doctoral research position.


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30/8/2020, I will be on a research visit to Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR)  in Rostock for three months

8/6/2020, I’m invited to be one of the panelists on Digital Innovation in Mental Health 2020, this is the first time I am a panelist and I’ve learnt a lot from the discussions.

7/17/2020 Our paper “It’s Not Just About Sad Songs: The Effect of Depression on Posting Lyrics and Quotes” is accepted to SocInfo 2020

6/18/2020 I lauch my channel ML_made_simple . I will be explaining algorithms and my research projects using animations πŸ™‚

8/30/2019 I completed my internship with Data Science for Social Good . It was a fantastic experience to work with Homeless Link UK, mentors from University of Chicago and The Alan Turing Institute!

Quick Links:

github, CV,  Google Scholar Profile

Work Experience:

June 2019 – Aug 2019, The Alan Turing Institute

Data Science for Social Good Summer Internship

We worked with Homeless Link to optimized their Streetlink application. Our project was covered by Reuters


I like to communicate my research with animation. Check out my videos on YouTube: ML_made_simple