About me


I’m a PhD student at the Informatics (ILCC), University of Edinburgh jointly supervised by Maria Wolters and Walid Magdy.

My PhD project focuses on using social media data to identify mental health symptoms and signs of mental health recovery. I combine natural language processing techniques with machine learning to discover damaging thinking pattern and reveal how social support is gained in times of stressful life events.

Before starting my PhD I obtained my master of Applied Psychology from The City University of Hong Kong in 2016 and  master of Linguistics from The University of Hong Kong in 2012.



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Quick Links:

github, CV,  Google Scholar Profile


Work Experience:

June 2019 – Aug 2019, The Alan Turing Institute

Data Science for Social Good Summer Internship

We worked with Homeless Link to optimized their Streetlink application. Our project was covered by Reuters


Previous Talks:

I became an enthusiastic user of the R language when I was doing my statistics courses, because I was so frustrated by SPSS. Since then I took R courses and completed two of my research papers with R. I am also one of the core member in Hong Kong R User Group.

You can find some of my live stream talks on my YouTube Channel.