Feed Forward Neural Network

I created a Youtube Channel to explain my work and some of the machine learning techniques I use. Here’s the first episode of the deep learning series. Enjoy!

Author: Lucia

I’m a Ph.D. student at the University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics. My research project involves using digital data to track the affective, cognitive, and behavioral changes of users, identifying the associations between digital signals and symptoms of mental disorders. I am interested in early symptom detection as a human-centered approach to assist interventions and early prevention of mental disorders or harmful behaviors. Along the way, I deeply care about ethical research practices, model bias and fairness. My work involves understanding model biases and examining the ‘noise’ in social media signals. I am writing up my Ph.D. thesis at the moment and looking for a post-doctoral research position. I am also passionate to communicate my research and machine learning methods. Check out my YouTube channel: ML_made_simple https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxSYxyNjMsdr8bno3MS32Pw

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